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Enamel Favors

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Code: F1084  |  US$ 3.50 |  Price From US$
Size : 3.25" x 0.5 (WL) (in Inches)
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Code: F1091  |  US$ 3.75 |  Price From US$
Size : 1.5 (in Inches)
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Code: F1079  |  US$ 4.00 |  Price From US$
Size : 1.5 (in Inches)
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Code: F1081  |  US$ 4.00 |  Price From US$
Size : 1.5 (in Inches)
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Code: F1088  |  US$ 4.50 |  Price From US$
Size : 1.0 (in Inches)
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Code: F1080  |  US$ 4.75 |  Price From US$
Size : 2.0 (in Inches)
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Code: F1100  |  US$ 6.50 |  Price From US$
Size : 2.75 (in Inches)
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Code: F1047  |  US$ 9.00 |  Price From US$
Size : 1.25 (in Inches)
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Code: F1087  |  US$ 10.00 |  Price From US$
Size : 1.75 (in Inches)
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Code: F1048  |  US$ 11.00 |  Price From US$
Size : 2.5 (in Inches)
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Impress your guests with traditional enamel favors that glorify the age-old artwork of minakari from Rajasthan. At Indian Wedding Card, there is a wide range of enamel figurines to choose from. Our enamel favors are perfect for weddings, birthday parties, baby shower, bridal shower, house warming, or for any similar occasions.

Our enamel favors are lightweight and made to last for long. These are handcrafted and hand painted by artisans who have known this art form for generations.

We offer enamel Lord Ganesh in different postures and styles. The favors can be utilized as a car ornament or as a home and office accent by your guests. The bold and vibrant art-work on the figurines is what minakari work is all about. These beautiful traditional pieces offered by Indian Wedding Card can easily up the design bar of any home’s interiors. We offer enamel handicrafts that are available in unique shapes, exclusive designs, and varied sizes. We use only the finest quality metal and paint for all our products.

Skilled artisans carve our enamel peacocks and elephants elegantly.

Elephants are admired and worshiped since the ancient times in the eastern culture. This mighty animal is a symbol of mental and physical strength, responsibility and steadfastness. These works of elephant art by Indian Wedding Card is perfect for your guests who love a bit of world culture in their home. The red minakari work with enamel paint over the royal blue base of the animal and bird figurines enhances the ethnic appeal of the item.

It is always wise to give gifts and wedding favors which are remembered forever. These beautiful marble favors can blend in perfectly with any style of home décor so that you can be rest assured your guests will love it as an addition to their interior design.

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