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E Invitations

Because your love for one another is extraordinary and wonderful, we at Indian Wedding Card want to salute and reflect the specialness of your union with a creatively designed digital wedding invitation.

With our digital wedding e-invites, you and your beloved can collaborate with our expert designers to create an exceptional wedding invite that is not only one of a kind but effectively communicates the significance of the occasion. Our digital wedding invites have a myriad of design, theme and style options from fonts, graphics, images to even sound effects and videography.

Apart from the main invitation, you have the option of including a digital save-the-date card, thank you card, as well engagement invitations. Feel free to browse through our exclusive collection of digital wedding cards. We guarantee you’ll immediately fall in love with our exceptional designs and workmanship.

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Whatsapp cards (JPEG only)

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E Wedding Invitations

Announce “We’re Getting Married” in a special way! Send your guests a wedding e-card from Indian Wedding Card. Our wedding e-cards are unique and creatively crafted, just what you’d want to capture the fascination and attention of everyone on your guest list! Our exceptional collection is an eclectic mix of different faith and non-faith wedding e-cards; all designed to

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E Save The Date Cards

What’s the best way of combining tradition and innovation? Send your guests a Save The Date E-Card! These are specially designed for modern couples who are looking for innovation and unique way of sending out these special reminder cards. You can opt for a Save The Date that follows the same suit as your main invite or create something completely one-of-a-kind!.

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E Housewarming Invitations

Housewarming parties are personal and unique. You’re inviting your closest friends and family to partake in the joy and experience of converting your new house into a home. After all, a house is built of wood and beams, but home is made from love and dreams. Mark this significant step by sending your guests a housewarming invitation e-card from Indian Wedding Card.

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E Engagement Invitations

You’ve made a verbal commitment to unite in holy matrimony, now make it official by announcing your engagement with an invitation e-card! Select a design, theme, font and graphics of your liking and the talented designers at Indian Wedding Card will craft an engagement invite that truly reflects who you are as a couple. Announce your engagement with a little panache, from Indian Wedding Card!

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E Thank You Cards

Because he/she took the time to bless your union with their presence…..because he/she conveyed their good wishes to you for a long and prosperous married life and because you know how much it meant to have this person be a witness to your union in matrimony, you need to convey your “thanks” with a uniquely designed Thank You E-card from Indian Wedding Card!

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E Anniversary Invitations

An anniversary is a celebration of successfully enduring the ebbs and flows of life with your spouse, an awareness of experiencing selfless love from your better half or the recognition of your soul’s counter point in another individual. Whatever you consider an anniversary to be, start the celebration of this special occasion with your closest friends and family with an anniversary invitation e-card from Indian Wedding Card!

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E Birthday Invitations

Birthdays are a celebration of the gift of life. Certain birthdays like the 1st, 15th, 16th, 18th, 65th and 100th mark a special milestone in our society and culture. This should be celebrated with a special commemoration. Why not begin the celebrations with a special birthday invitation e-card from Indian Wedding Card! Our designers can help you create a completely customized invite that captures the importance of the birthday!