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Envelope Seals

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An envelope seal is an official way to securely close your wedding invitations suite. Its purpose is both practical and aesthetic.

The art of sealing a letter can be traced as far back as The Middle Ages. Long before pre-gummed envelopes came into being, written letters were sealed with a wax stamp which was either in red or black colour. The stamp would often have a logo or emblem of the family, company or group that the individual belonged to. This was the only way to keep communication confidential. If the seal was broken by the time it reached the recipient, one could assume that the letter’s contents were tampered with! The practice of wax sealing letters was often practiced by members of the royal family, noblemen and members of the court.

Today, the art of placing an envelope seal is largely practiced on wedding invitations. Even though pre-made envelope seals have replaced wax impressions, envelope seals continue to add their own level of charm and sophistication.

At Indian Wedding Card, we have wide selection of Envelope Seals to complement your wedding suite. From traditional symbols like the swastika, kalash with coconut and Om to something more contemporary such as the couple’s initials, a pair of doves or two hearts. You may also present us with a customized design of your own and our designers will happily bring it to life.

Our envelope seals increase the aesthetics of your already-stunning invite and also add the finishing touch to your most important invitation to date.

Get in touch with us today to add your own personal finishing touches to your wedding invitation.

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