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When you are on the track for deciding the timeline for your wedding day, when the engagement party should take place and when you’ll make that getaway with your friends for that weekend of bachelor/bachelorette shenanigans, one thing you’ll want to do sooner than all these is to send out save-the-dates. Save-the-date is an invitation which is usually sent in the format of a postcard so as to alert your guests who are invited to your wedding, what the date will be and where it will take place.

Usually a save-the-date is sent a few months after the engagement where a picture of the couple is embossed on the card. Some people might think save-the-date card is not necessary, but it amplifies your guest list to the wedding day. Sending out E-Save-the-date cards is also a great way to notify your friends and family. You will have a lot of designs to choose from and sending out the E-Save-the-date card is a pretty easy task. For more information on this, visit Indian Wedding Card.

There are many reasons to send out a save-the-date card through email. Some of them are listed below.

By sending out E-Save-the-date cards, you give people a reason to say No to other commitments.

One of the benefit of sending an E-Save-the-date card is to give people a heads up to prepare themselves for your wedding

Your friends and family will know if they are invited for the big day or not.

In this way you can prepare your guest list early and not go out of your mind during the last moment.

Before sending the E-Save-the-date card you will need to know the details of your wedding which will be of great help when the date nears.