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An Islamic wedding, also called the Nikaah, is filled with rich customs, traditions and rituals. Each ritual has its own significance and meaning and is often conducted in the presence of close friends and family who will bear witness to the couple’s holy union. Let Indian Wedding Card have the honor of announcing your upcoming Nikaah to the world!

At Indian Wedding Card, our Muslim Wedding Cards are a true reflection of the rich traditions and customs of Islam. The significance of an Islamic wedding ceremony starts with the invitation. As a result, each card is artistically designed and crafted depicting the characteristic patterns, symbols, colors and textures that are synonymous with Islamic weddings. Our Muslim wedding cards have a spiritual and regal quality about them. We have one of the widest selection of Nikaah cards anywhere, ranging from simple designs featuring a religious motif or a printed verse from the Holy Quran to something more lavish and opulent such as designs from the Mughal period. In addition, you can further tailor your Nikaah announcement by selecting the medium such as an elegant scroll, handmade paper or simple card.

At Indian Wedding Card, we can help you find the most befitting wedding card for your Nikaah.

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