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Only scrolls

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In ancient times, a marriage announcement was usually made by a court or family representative reading from a scroll. Also called a Farman, today this scroll has continued to take central stage amongst wedding announcements. It remains the preferred method for informing friends and family members about upcoming nuptials. Although, there no longer is a court representative to visit each family to make the announcement for you, the special design and presentation format of a scroll makes an apt albeit subtle announcement on your behalf!

This is where Indian Wedding Card steps in. We have a unique collection of Only Scrolls that are second to none! This particular range of cards is available in two special designs: classic prints and traditional patterns. The attractiveness of scrolls can be furthered by applying Kundan or any other adornments to the border.

Our scrolls are artistic masterpieces on their own. Considering many couples prefer to add their own personal touch to their invites, we at Indian Wedding Card offer numerous enhancement options.

These include:

Let Indian Wedding Card have the honour and pleasure of announcing your nuptials to the world with our elegant scrolls.

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