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E-Engagement Ceremony Invitations

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Any special occasion in the family requires our near and dear ones’ presence. An invite sent out to those close ones need to be really special as it defines that one special day in your life; be it a birthday, wedding, engagement or even a heartfelt thank you card. An invite should go from the depths of your heart. The digital era has made inviting friends and family easier than before. E-cards have become the ‘in’ thing today. Sending out these E-cards through email and other digital medium has become less time consuming and affordable.

When your special anniversary is around the corner, you will have a lot on your hands. Since you will be the host and obviously have a lot on your mind to keep you occupied. Sending out the invitations for the occasion also requires your attention and time. Sending out paper invitations on the mail is tedious and time consuming. You can simply let an E-Anniversary Invitation take the place of paper invites. Since everyone owns an electronic mail address in this era, you can rest easy. Send out the invitations to your close ones with our special range of cards. For choosing from a number of designs of E-Anniversary Invitations, visit Indian Wedding Cards.

Sending out paper invitation has the following disadvantages.

There is a good chance that your invite might get lost in the mail

It takes time to reach the recipient

Any changes you make to your anniversary celebration would be difficult to convey to your guests

Responses from your guests would take time

You need to spend time in choosing the perfect invite that suits your special day and sending them out

Many such difficulties arise in paper invitations. The E-Anniversary invitation is a great way to send out invites to your guests who would look forward to your anniversary with much eagerness after receiving your E-invitation.

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