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Bridal Shower

Matter 1

It's a Bridal Shower for the hottest chick we know~
the red-hot xyz!
Put on your most sizzling party outfit
in a fabulous shade of red
and celebrate with us
Saturday, March 6, 2-4pm
8090, Albert hall, NY, USA
For directions and to RSVP, call xyz
Hosted by the smokin' xyz
and the fiery xyz

Matter 2

The Bridesmaids of
Invite you to a Bridal Shower
In honor of her marriage to
On Saturday, January 18, 2003
At 2:00 P.M
8090, Albert hall, NY, USA
Please RSVP by
January 3, 2003
xyz and YYY are registered at

Matter 3

You are cordially invited to a
Bridal Shower
in honor of
to be held at
276A Shawmut Avenue Apt # 1
Boston Massachusetts
Saturday, the Second of August
Two thousand and three
One o'clock in the afternoon
Hosted by the Bridal Party
Please RSVP by July 28th to xyz
Registry available at xyz and YYY

Matter 4

The date is fast approaching
And now's the perfect time
To get the girls together
Before the wedding bells chime!
Please be my guest as I treat you to a
Bridal shower luncheon
for my daughter
on Saturday, the 27th of March, 2004
at 8090, Albert hall, NY, USA
Please R.S.V.P. on or before March 20th, 2004
Mrs. xyz

Matter 5

Our xyz is about to be wed!
All she needs is the stuff to keep her man fed.
The wedding is planned and now she's just itchin'
To kick off her shoes and get into that kitchen!
But there's no pot for soup, no kettle for brew,
No blender, no toaster, no ladle for stew!
Let's give her a shower to show her we care!
Bed, Bath, and Beyond - she's registered there.
Share a recipe too, if you would be so kind!
Use the card we've enclosed, if you don't mind.
Saturdary, June 19, 2004
11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
8090, Albert hall, NY, USA
Hosted by xyz and YYY
Please respond to xyz by June 9th

Matter 6

"A lifetime without Love is of no account
Love is the Water of Life
Drink it down with heart and soul!"
Lovers & Beloved:
Please join us for a
Mehndi Bridal Shower and
Vegetarian Potluck Luncheon
Sunday February 6th, 2005
From 1:00-4:00 pm in celebration of this
sacred stepping stone in Crystal's life.
Be prepared to have your
hands and feet decorated with henna!
will unite in marriage at 8090, Albert hall,
on March 8th, 2005.
This will be a private exchange of vows
between Fardad, Crystal and the Divine.
We hope that you will grace us with your
presence at the Mehndi Bridal Shower
at Crystal's house.
8090, Albert hall, NY, USA.
Please RSVP by January 30th, 2005
and let us know what type of
dish you will be bringing.
xyz (121) 121-1212

Matter 7

Mehndi Bridal Shower
The ancient art of painting the skin with Henna,
beautifies the body, rejuvenates the spirit and
celebrates the joys of creativity and self-expression.
Please join us in a private celebration with
Qimmah and her closest friends
In a fun filled afternoon of:
Traditional Mehndi artistry, Music, Games and Buffet
Saturday, December 4th 2004
Promptly at 2.00 pm
at 8090, Albert hall, NY, USA
Hotel rooms can be reserved for party guests at a special rate
For more information
Call: 121.121.1212
R.S.V.P by October 30th, 2004
And for detailed information contact:
xyz : 121.121.1212
*Invitation only*