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Weddings are match made in heaven and every wedding needs a guest invitation that doles out vogue and elegance in spades. A wedding invitation is not only to announce the details of the wedding, the venue and the date, but it is also to let all your friends and family knows that you value their presence on your joyous occasion. The Sikhs are a group of good natured, light hearted people who celebrate their weddings like a festival.

The younger generation prefers a modern stylish wedding invitation and adds a personal touch to their invitations. Our Best Seller Sikh Invitations will suit your taste and give your wedding invitations a personal touch that best suits your taste. As you begin to look for wedding invitations, the theme of your wedding plays a major role. It never fails to always look luxurious and a wedding invite that has oodles of oomph factor to it always makes your invite stand out in a bundle. Choose from a variety of Best Seller Sikh Invitations, one that will blow your mind and that of your guests. Indian Wedding Card has them in abundance to choose from.

There are a variety of rituals when considering a Sikh wedding ceremony. For all the formalities, you can opt for different styles of invitations which are listed below.

Roka: It is the beginning of any Sikh wedding ceremony where the groom’s family visits the bride’s house. Here the groom’s mother offers the bride sweets and jewels and the bride’s parents offer the groom the same as a token of gesture.

Sagai: This ceremony is where the happy couple exchange rings as a symbol of denoting that they are officially engaged.

Maiya: This is where the bride and groom are blessed with turmeric and curd to give them glowing skin on their wedding day.

Sangeet: This is where the fun, music and dance of a traditional Sikh wedding commence.

Anand Karaj: This is the important part of any Sikh wedding where the actual wedding takes place.

For each of these ceremonies you can choose a wedding invite from our Best Seller Sikh Invitations which makes your wedding a grand affair.