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Code: d-128

1.50 US$

Production Time (Days):
Regular:   6 to  10  Rush: 1 to 3

Weight: 64 (in Grams)

Size: 8.5×6.5" (in Inches)

A Low Quantity Order Card: It means BULK ORDER can be placed in quantity as low as 10 cards and then in multiples of 5.

Description: It’s the card that has won hearts and given a totally new dimension to our understanding of card design. Though very subtle and quite simplistically graphic, it’s the overall soothing imagery of the composition that gives you the sense of elevation. The card designed in orange mottled handmade paper, has its front having a central image of Ganesh ji in gold and the Ganapati mantra printed below it. There are golden line art borders defining the front and completing the composition. The inner docket flap has the line art image of the bride’s and groom’s hands in union. The side flap of the interleaf has the provision of the Ganesh ji invocation wordings for you. The various ochre yellow colored inserts with golden borders will give you all the freedom to put in the details of your program as per the slated events. The ochre yellow colored envelope has a golden line art border to provide it with the framing.

Printing Color: Silk Screen Printing in Maroon Color. Gold color not suggestible , visibility will be poor.

Add on Cards: Add on card paper will be matching to chosen card in terms of paper and design.



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Add on card paper will be matching to chosen card in terms of paper and design.
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