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Code: D-827

0.85 US$

Production Time (Days):
Regular:   6 to  10  Rush: 2 to 3

Weight: 55 (in Grams)

Size: 5.4" x 5.4" (in Inches)

A Low Quantity Order Card: It means BULK ORDER can be placed in quantity as low as 10 cards and then in multiples of 5.

Description: The front of this card has a floral base design in gold with a golden floral border over a peach colored strip below on the upper fold. The image window in the upper fold’s center is in the same peach and gold combination and provides the space for the symbol of your choice. The lower fold has a golden floral base design. The inserts are plain and the envelope has peach and gold border design similar to the front.

Paper: Deep maroon colored handmade paper, folding style card (150gsm), textured golden base on natural shade – cream colored paper for 2 inserts (200gsm), cream-colored handmade paper for envelope (200gsm)

Add on Cards: Add on card paper will be matching to chosen card in terms of paper and design.



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  2. What is the sample cost?
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  4. Is the sample cost 100% adjustable?
  5. What is included in a sample card?
  6. Do we get to see text printing on sample(s)?
  7. How many cards can I choose to order as samples?
  8. Can I buy a personalized printed sample?
  9. Is Sample cost adjusted in Low Quantity Order (Order below 50 cards) ?
  10. What extra charges may apply on sample order?
Add on card paper will be matching to chosen card in terms of paper and design.
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