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Bat Bar Mitzvah Jewish Invitations

If you're getting ready to celebrate a Bar Mitzvah, then now is the time to begin reviewing some of those etiquette issues associated with the big event. While some of these concepts may be familiar territory, most of them should be reviewed before you send out Bar Mitzvah Invitations Cards, to everyone you know. Plus, you may need to know the information to help your other guests.

The purpose behind those bat bar mitzvah Jewish cards or bat mitzvah invitations may be common knowledge to you but it may not be so clear to some of your guests. You may want to explain to them that this event can best be classified as a rite of passage. Jewish boys and girls embark on this journey when they turn 13. However, the specific date of the event can vary depending on how long the child's religious education takes to complete.

Generally, there are two parts of a party: the synagogue portion and the reception. While there are differences, the synagogue portion of the event will usually involve the child reciting a portion of the Torah. The amount recited will depend on the traditions of your particular synagogue. If you have a daughter, she may not be permitted to participate in this part of the celebration. However, she may still be able to have a bat mitzvah (the female version of bar mitzvahs).

When you send out the mitzvah card or Religious Invitations, be sure to include your contact information so guests can contact you with questions about what to purchase for your son or daughter. If you're not sure how to respond, cash gifts, savings bonds, and gift certificates are usually very nice presents. Often these are given in multiples of 18 because of the number's significance to the Jewish community. However, nearly any gift that would be appropriate for a child of this age would make an excellent event.

The Bar Mitzvah Wording on Invitations

The only requirement for the Religious Invitations is that you include the child's name, as well as the date and location for the invitations religious portion of the event. It is customary to invite friends and family members to both parts of the event. However, non-Jewish guests may feel more comfortable only attending the reception. That doesn't mean you shouldn't extend an invitation to the first through your custom Bar Mitzvah Invitations Cards or Religious Invitations, While the wording won't be too difficult, you can always dress up the content of your printed Bar Mitzvah Invitations Cards.