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Gala lunch Dinner Cards

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Gala Lunch

Planning a gala lunch for your non-profit cause? Spread the word about your organization through Indian Wedding Card’s Gala Lunch invitations.

Gala lunches are professional, fundraising events that aim to spread awareness about a particular cause. Although it is focused around an elegant 4, 5 or 6 course lunch, the objective is to raise funding and increase membership.

Given the gravity of the cause, convey your dedication to your organization and your desire to invite influential members through our classy, contemporary and tasteful Gala Lunch Invitations. Our invites are trendy, sophisticated and contain just enough panache to suit your occasion.

We have a variety of invitation presentation styles to suit your Gala lunch. Our most popular are Embossed cards, Jacket-style cards, Scroll invites and Metallic Paper cards.

Dinner Invitations

Have a knack for throwing memorable dinner parties? Want to add a touch of sophistication to your next party? Then present your guests with an elegant Dinner Party Invitation!

At Indian Wedding Card, our Dinner Invitations are swank, stylish and splendid. They are the perfect accompaniment to the seamless dinner party experience that you’ve always dreamed of creating! 

Our dinner party invites feature cutting edge designs, variety of styles and embellishments and several presentation formats. Whether it’s an informal dinner in the garden, a black tie dinner or a celebratory party with close friends, the perfect Dinner Invitation can tempt your guests’ taste buds even before they smell your food!

Get in touch with us at Indian Wedding Card to learn how we can make your Gala Lunch or Dinner Party Invitation extra special!

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