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Code: D-97

0.65 US$

Real Price :1.25 US$

Production Time (Days):
Regular:   6 to  10  Rush: 1 to 3

Weight: 75 (in Grams)

Size: 7.25×7.25 (in Inches)

A Low Quantity Order Card: It means BULK ORDER can be placed in quantity as low as 10 cards and then in multiples of 5.

Description: This card uses the organic effect to its best and gives us a very appealing piece of work. The front has a dried leaf arrangement background over which a handmade paper block in red is printed. There is a cream colored border and the central image shows a dried peepul leaf fossil with the supari and moli arrangement over it. The interleaf has a docket flap paste in the spade shape with the same background and block composition. The docket shows a Kalash design composed in the same fossil leaf medium. The inserts are pain other than the visual effect of the arrangement. The envelope has a similar look and its folding flaps have overall printing of the Om block design.

Add on Cards: Add on card paper will be matching to chosen card in terms of paper and design.



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  7. How many cards can I choose to order as samples?
  8. Can I buy a personalized printed sample?
  9. Is Sample cost adjusted in Low Quantity Order (Order below 50 cards) ?
  10. What extra charges may apply on sample order?
Add on card paper will be matching to chosen card in terms of paper and design.
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